Poems By Heart with Carol Conroy

Poems By Heart brings people together to recite from memory the poems they love. These monthly gatherings include recitation and discussion, and sustain the energy of The People’s Poetry Gathering, Poets House and City Lore’s biannual festival celebrating poetry’s roots in oral traditions. Participants are encouraged to memorize a new poem each month that someone else has written.

Elizabeth Hellman and Rolando Hinjosa-Smith

Islands and Heartlands is a series of bilingual readings designed to build bridges between Latin American and North American poets and writers

Passwords: C.K. Williams on George Herbert and Philip Larkin

George Herbert (1593-1633) and Philip Larkin (1922-1985) are separated not only by several hundred years, but by apparently radical differences in their characters and spiritual aspirations. Yet there are intriguing similarities in the way they found access to the sources of poetry, and the use to which they put it. C.K. Williams reads their poetry and discusses its formative aspects and visions.


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