Family Romance with Cyrus Cassells

This two-part workshop will explore the rewards and pitfalls of writing about family, using Louise Glück’s trenchant volume, Ararat, as a guide. Home is often the site of the keenest experiences of love and communion, and the source of the deepest wounding. How do poets reconcile this fact in their work? The first session will be a discussion of Ararat and key issues in writing about family, including truthtelling, self-censorship, family skeletons, and sentimentality. The second session will be devoted to student work.

People's Poetry Gathering

April 9 - 11, 1999
This year, the Showcase provides a context for The People’s Poetry Gathering, a festival of over one hundred events celebrating our nation’s oral traditions. This ‘Woodstock for Words’ brings practitioners of a wide range of oral poetries––including cowboys, decimeros and griots––to explore the relationship between popular recitation traditions and contemporary poetry.

Does Poets House hold open mics?

Poets House does not hold Open Mic events as part of its regular schedule. Here are a few suggestions of other venues to contact.

Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery
(212) 614-0505
Price: Varies

Cornelia Street Café
29 Cornelia St. (between Bleecker & W. 4th St.)
(212) 989-9319
(Holds open mics infrequently)

The Wright Italy with Edward Hirsch & Annie Wright

Considered one of the most significant voices in postwar American poetry, James Wright (1927-1980) won the 1972 Pulitzer Prize for his Collected Poems. Edward Hirsch and Annie Wright, who opens the home she shared with her late husband, will read, reminisce, and follow the journey of James Wright’s poems from his native Ohio to the golden Italian countryside that illuminates his later work


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