A Poet's Work is Never Done: Work Resources for Writers

with Gregory Kolovakos, Nancy Larson Shapiro, David Green, Eliot Figman and Laura Vural

Three Central American Writers

with Ana Maria Rodas (Guatemala), Rigoberto Paredes (Honduras), and Jorge Lu's Oviedo (Honduras)

Native American Oral Traditions

with John Bierhorst, David Guss and Howard Norman

Passwords: Quincy Troupe on Three African Poets

Quincy Troupe on Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo, Christopher Okigbo and Tchicaya U Tam'si

The Poetry of Kenneth Patchen

The Poetry of Kenneth Patchen and an Exhibit of Patchen's Original Artwork with Dennis Brutus

Sergei Task

A Bilingual Reading with Soviet Poet Sergei Task; translations read by Chard de Niord


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