Passwords: The Sanity of Earth and Grass: Robert Winner's Poetry

Robert Winner’s poetry read by Jane Cooper, Edward Field, Galway Kinnell, Thomas Lux and Sharon Olds.

Place and the Transformation of Poetic Voice with Quincy Troupe

This seminar will focus on how geography and culture impact on the metaphors, images and rhythms of the poetic voice.

Quincey Troupe will read his poetry and discuss the work of other writers whose voices have changed under the profound influence of “re-rooting” in new landscapes.

In the Presence of Language with Richard Lewis, Julie Patton and Cecilia Vicuña

Constructed as a conversation, each of three workshops will concentrate on the childhood of language, the poetry of language within childhood and the word-making, image-making inherent to every child’s ability to use and transform language as a means of discovering meaning.

Passwords: Mutlu and Randy Blasing on Nazim Hikmet

A consideration of the Turkish poet's work, with a screening of excerpts from Substantial Films’ new documentary, Nazim Hikmet: Living is No Laughing Matter.

Sex and Surrealism with Terese Svoboda

Breton believed poetry was an energy capable of changing reality. From poets as diverse as Adrienne Rich, Russell Edson and Aime Cesaire, this seminar group will encounter language that seeks to recover the generative matter of poetry.

The Body of the Voice with Edwin Torres

How we listen affects how we speak. How we see our language affects how our voice is heard. As poets we create our communication. This workshop will challenge participants to communicate with all their languages.

Women Poets 20 Years Later: No More Masks

A poetry reading with Cheryl Clarke, Cynthia Macdonald, Linda McCarriston, Molly Peacock and Ruth Stone


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