Bridging Cultures: Poetries of the Islamic World

This day-long symposium on the poetries of the Islamic world brings together scholars, poets and writers from around the globe and features panel discussions and performances of classical, sung and contemporary poetry.

Transmutations with Moroccan Poet Mohammed Bennis

Born in 1948 in Fez, Morocco, internationally acclaimed poet and professor of Arabic poetry Mohammed Bennis reads from his work and discusses his life in poetry with translator and poet Pierre Joris.

Passwords: Karen Swenson on Robert Browning

Poet and journalist Karen Swenson explores the poetry of Robert Browning (1812–1889), attending to the ways in which his dramatic
monologues and his writing on other cultures and time periods inspired such divergent 20th-century luminaries as Pound, Eliot and Frost.

Of the Mortal Fire: Christopher Middleton with John Yau

A preeminent British poet and translator who has long resided in the United States, Christopher Middleton reads poems and talks about his life with the award-winning poet and art critic John Yau.

Queer Optimism & Affective Poetry

Prominent poets and scholars investigate—and redefine—optimism as a creative alternative to long-held themes of melancholy, shame and the death drive in writing and interpreting poetry, particularly in the work of gay poets.

Poetic Process & Inspiration: Jean Valentine & Brian Teare

National Book Award–winning poet Jean Valentine shares the stage with former student and acclaimed poet Brian Teare for a reading and conversation about the process of writing poems and inspiration.

Lost & Found: The H.D. Book by Robert Duncan

Poets and scholars revisit The H.D. Book, published in its entirety for the first time this year. In this monumental study, San Francisco Renaissance poet Robert Duncan (1919–1988) meditates on the roots of modernism and its manifestation in the poetry of H.D., William Carlos Williams, Edith Sitwell and others.

A Poet’s Prose: The Poetic Vision of Zbigniew Herbert

Renowned poets provide insight into the poetry of Polish master Zbigniew Herbert (1924–1998) and discuss his witty, probing essays on travel, classical literature and visual art.

Introduction to the Language of the Qur’an

Duke University professor Bruce Lawrence offers an introduction to the poetic style and aural beauty of the Qur’an and discusses the challenge of translating archaic Arabic into modern-day English.

The Soul’s Springtime: The Poetry of Georg Trakl

A World War I medical officer and brilliant poet whose work attracted the patronage of Wittgenstein, Georg Trakl (1887–1914) and his sinister, imagistic poems are taken up by three American poets.


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