Passwords: A Seminar with Glyn Maxwell on Chaucer and Christopher Marlowe

British poet and playwright Glyn Maxwell discusses early English poetry, with a special focus on the highlights of Geoffrey’s Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Christopher Marlowe’s mythological poems.

Passwords: David Young on Petrarch

Poet and translator David Young shares his translations of Petrarch and discusses the 14th century poet’s extraordinary sonnets, which serve as models for lyric poetry.

Passwords: A Seminar with Jean and Robert Hollander on Dante

Scholar Robert Hollander and poet Jean Hollander discuss their translation of The Divine Comedy and serve as wayfinders through Dante’s lyrical universe

An Evening with Hungarian poet Dénes Krusovsky

Poet and translator Dénes Krusovsky reads his poetry and discusses his recent investigations into how poet Hart Crane and performance artist Chris Burden define the human body.

Approaching You in English: Israeli poet Admiel Kosman with Lisa Katz

Admiel Kosman, considered one of Israel's leading poets, shares the stage with his English-language translator Lisa Katz. They will read and discuss Kosman’s poems.

Passwords: Jerome Rothenberg on Ethnopoetics and the Origins of Poetry

Editor and poet Jerome Rothenberg presents an investigation and celebration of the world's primal cultures and the poetries that emerged from these regions. His discussion will include sound poems, dream poems, chants and happenings from Africa, America, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

Philosopher Poet: A Reading and Conversation with Michel Deguy

Known for stretching the very concept of poetry, 81-year-old French poet and professor of literature Michel Deguy reads his poems and discusses his thoughts on modern poetics and philosophy.

Passwords: Arvind Mehrotra on Kabir

Poet and translator Arvind Mehrota reads from his highly-regarded translations of Kabir and discusses the great 15th century devotional poet’s life and work.

Passwords: Greg Delanty and Michael Matto on Anglo-Saxon Poetry

Poet Greg Delanty and scholar Michael Matto, co-editors of The Word Exchange: Anglo-Saxon Poems in Translation, discuss highlights of centuries of Anglo-Saxon poetry, including a discussion of Beowulf and other important poems of battle, travel and adventure, as well as songs of heartache and longing.

Garrett Hongo on the Craft of Poetry

West-coast poet Garrett Hongo addresses the two strands that define his work: the dramatic monologue (from Ovid to Ai), as well as the poetics of the incarceration as relates to his family’s experience in the Japanese American detention camps of Word War II.


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