Breaking Open: Overcoming Barriers with Rachel Levitsky

The ecological, political and economic uncertainties of our times frighten us, but also present us with a great creative possibility. This workshop will consider that which confines us as people and how to use writing to overcome these barriers. Drawing upon the work of key thinkers, poets and artists, and through a series of guided exercises, participants will assess and “puncture” their current practice, attempting to break open their writing.

The Language of Music with Dave Johnson

This workshop focuses on the musical structures of poetry and the ways in which these structures create voice and meaning in a poem. Students will discuss poems with an eye and ear to the way music serves as a poetic muse, creating subject matter, and fostering a relationship between form and content. The students' primary goal in this study will be to produce original poetry with the purpose of finding their own music and voice within the poem.

Master Class with Anne Waldman

Anne Waldman is the author of over 40 books and small press editions of poetry and poetics, including, most recently, The lovis Trilogy: Colors in the Mechanism of Concealment, a 700-page epic poem 30 years in the making. She is the Distinguished Professor of Poetics at Naropa University

Application Deadline: Friday, November 18

Master Class with Glyn Maxwell

Glyn Maxwell is the author of the poetry collections Out of the Rain (1992); Rest for the Wicked (1995), which was short-listed for both the Whitbread Poetry Award and the T.S. Eliot Prize; The Breakage (1998), and One Thousand Nights and Counting: Selected Poems (2011). He has taught at Columbia University, New York University, and The New School.

Application Deadline: Friday, October 28

Passwords: A Seminar with Jen Bervin on Emily Dickinson

Poet and artist Jen Bervin leads a two-part seminar on Emily Dickinson’s poems and several of the textual issues associated with her work.

Like the Wheels of Birds': Emily Dickinson's Itinerary of Escape

Textual scholar Marta Werner explores Dickinson’s late artistic itinerary through a reading of fragments, including canceled writings, pinned texts and envelope poems.

Passwords: A Seminar with Glyn Maxwell on Chaucer and Christopher Marlowe

British poet and playwright Glyn Maxwell discusses early English poetry, with a special focus on the highlights of Geoffrey’s Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and Christopher Marlowe’s mythological poems.

Passwords: David Young on Petrarch

Poet and translator David Young shares his translations of Petrarch and discusses the 14th century poet’s extraordinary sonnets, which serve as models for lyric poetry.

Passwords: A Seminar with Jean and Robert Hollander on Dante

Scholar Robert Hollander and poet Jean Hollander discuss their translation of The Divine Comedy and serve as wayfinders through Dante’s lyrical universe

An Evening with Hungarian poet Dénes Krusovsky

Poet and translator Dénes Krusovsky reads his poetry and discusses his recent investigations into how poet Hart Crane and performance artist Chris Burden define the human body.


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