The Art of Reading

On view October 8 through November 22, 2004

A Poet’s Eye for Collage

On view March 11 through April 29, 2005

These works on paper bring together text and image in what Black describes as “visual pages,” which, like linguistic acts of creation, are “brief and bounded by space.”

Poet and photographer Star Black is the author of five books of poetry, most recently Ghostwood. Her photographs are in the Berg Collection of the New York Public Library and the Library of Congress. Her collages have been exhibited in various galleries in New York City and Long Island.

“Walking, Poems & Buildings” A Poetry & Architecture Collaboration

On view January 7 through February 25, 2005

The exhibit “Walking, Poems & Buildings” features poems and architectural models of a bus shelter, a “writer’s hut” and a nature observation center created collaboratively by students of poet Annie Finch and architect Ben Jacks at Miami University. This show explores the ways in which architects and poets build and inhabit durable and harmonious forms, and how walking creates a rhythmic link between the two pursuits.

Poets of the Non-Existent City: Los Angeles in the McCarthy Era

Join us for a panel discussion with editor Tom Viertel, three poets—Gene Frumkin, Estelle Gershgoren Novak, and Mel Weisburd—and scholar Kimberly Bird, as they address the relationship between politics and poetry, with a special focus on the role The California Quarterly and Coastlines played in Los Angeles during the McCarthy years. Naomi Replansky will join the panelists for a poetry reading to close the evening.

Purgatorio: Prints by Milton Glaser

On view September 9 through October 29, 2005
The first New York presentation of 20 exquisite monoprints illustrating scenes from Dante’s Purgatorio by the renowned artist Milton Glaser.

Unlikely Angel: Dwight Ripley & the New York School

On view February 9 through March 18, 2006

A rare glimpse into the archives of Dwight Ripley, little-known figure behind the pivotal Tibor de Nagy Gallery.

Sacred Burial Grounds: Alphanumeric Painting by August Highland

On view May 12 through June 24, 2006

Like ancient civilizations slumbering beneath cities of glass and steel, classical poetries are buried deep in Highland’s visual texts on large canvases, which explore the modern experience of language.

August Highland is an experimental writer and visual artist based in San Diego. Since he developed "Alphanumeric Painting" in 2002, he has shown it in over 25 shows, including four solo shows.

Artistic Bestiary: Installations by Jane Greer and Brian Getnick

On view March 24 through May 6, 2006
Jane Greer's Standing Up, Down fills Poets House with cut-paper evocations of creatures great and small, while Brian Getnick presents Curtains! Curtains! a sculpture and video installation.
Jane Greer is a visual artist whose work has been exhibited at The Drawing Center, NYU's Grey Art Gallery, the Ronald Feldman Gallery, Henoch Gallery, and various international venues.


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