When is the Poets House Showcase?

The Poets House Showcase is on display for the month of July. We have an opening reception in the last week of June.

What is the Poets House Showcase?

The only event of its kind, the annual Poets House Showcase, is a free exhibit featuring all of the new poetry books and poetry-related texts published in the United States in a single year (including volumes by individual authors, anthologies, biographies, critical studies, CDs and DVDs) from over 650 commercial, university and independent presses.

Where does your funding come from?

Poets House is funded by a diverse range of sources, including membership, individuals, private foundations, corporations, and local, state and federal agencies. Poets House also earns modest but critical income through the classes and workshops we hold, as well as space rentals to organizations for poetry-related events. Our two annual benefit events help us to sustain our operations and help us to keep our doors open to everyone.

How did you get this building?

In 2004, when Poets House was actively searching for a permanent site so that it could adequately accommodate its rapidly expanding library, programs, events and outreach, its longtime partner, Battery Park City Authority, invited Poets House to submit a proposal for designation as a long-term non-profit tenant in a new green building. Poets House was selected as one of three rent-free non-profits in an 11,000-square-foot space at 10 River Terrace. Starting in 2005, Poets House embarked on a Capital Campaign to finance building the space and in 2009 achieved its goal.

Do you have programs for teenagers?

We do class visits for all ages, as well as workshops for teens. We work with teachers to present poetry in dynamic ways and to do creative writing exercises with students of all ages using our collection.

Do you publish poetry?

No, but we can direct you to some information about paths to poetry publishing for poetry publishers.

Why is there no apostrophe on Poets in the name Poets House?

According to co-founder poet Stanley Kunitz, “some things must never be possessed but shared.”

Are you affiliated with the New York Public Library?

No. Poets House is a private, not-for-profit organization not affiliated with the library system. However, we do consider ourselves partners with the NYPL and public libraries across the nation. We do many collaborative initiatives and projects with them, most notably Poetry In The Branches.


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