Silver Anniversary Level: Benefactors - $2,500


Tax-deductible portion: $2,350
Contribute $2,500 and receive the benefits of a Sustainer Membership, plus an invitation to a seasonal Poets House "Moveable Feast," a private post-event dinner with guest poets and artists.

Price: $2,500.00

Silver Anniversary Level: Sustainers - $1,000


Tax-deductible portion: $925
Contribute $1,000 and receive the benefits of a Sponsor Membership, plus acknowledgement in all our publications and an invitation to "Ode to Wine," an exclusive annual wine tasting hosted by a guest poet.

Price: $1,000.00



Gifts of every amount are greatly appreciated. To enter a donation amount not shown below, select an existing dollar amount and enter a quantity to customize the amount.

Example: For a donation of $75, select "$25" and enter 3 in the "Quantity" field ($25x3 = $75)

Contributions of more than $500 are acknowledged in our print materials; contributions over $1,000 will also be acknowledged on the walls of Poets House throughout the year.

For questions or to contribute by phone, call (212) 431-7920 x 2830

Price: $0.00

When is the next deadline?

Complete applications must be postmarked by December 8, 2014.

How are Fellows selected?

Applicants are reviewed by a selection panel comprised of poets as well as Poets House staff. The panel will take into consideration applicant's creative work, professional achievement as a poet, and financial/personal need.

How many participants are in the program?

There will be 10 poets chosen to participate in the Emerging Poets Fellowship Program.

Is there a stipend?

Each participant will receive a $500 honorarium for their participation and a stipend of $100 to cover travel expenses. There may also be some funding to help participants pay childcare expenses.

Is there a tuition fee?

No, there is no fee for those accepted into the program.


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