The Irreparable: A Talk on Poetics by Robin Blaser

Renowned poet and essayist Robin Blaser articulates the philosophy of his poetics by considering the work of Giorgio Agamben, Jean-Luc Nancy, and John Berger in relation to writing, politics, and transcendence.

Poetry in The Branches Reading: Sapphire

Beginning in February 2005, Staten Island teens and adults will be doing what Poetry in The Branches was designed for: bumping into poetry and discovering its delights. The pilot year of this program will see Staten Island branches of The New York Public Library hosting six poetry-writing workshops for teens, and, for adults, a series of readings by stellar poets of their own and their favorite poets’ work. On a Spring afternoon or evening, when a trip on the ferry adds an extra note of pleasure to your day, come hear these readings.

Lark in the Morning: The Verses of the Troubadours with W. D. Snodgrass & Robert Kehew

A celebration of the influential poetry of the troubadours, whose work flourished in southern France during the height of the Middle Ages. W. D. Snodgrass and Robert Kehew present verse translations of poems by Bertran de Ventadorn, the Monk of Montaudo, Bertran de Born, Marcabru, and others, and discuss their history, relevance to 20th-century poetics, and the challenges of translating their work.

Poetry in the Children's Room: Writing Poetry Together with Liz Rosenberg & Hal Sirowitz

All together now! Liz and Hal lead a workshop showing us how to write in haiku and other poetic forms. They’ll also read their favorite children’s poem from over the years.

Dante's Purgatorio: A Seminar/Workshop for Poets

Focusing on the act of translation as a source of artistic creation, this course works with Milton Glaser’s visual interpretation of Dante and explores several translations of selected passages from the Purgatorio. Students will be encouraged to re-envision or respond poetically to a section of the Purgatorio. Suggested readings include essays from The Poets’ Dante: Twentieth-Century Responses and a range of poems inspired by The Divine Comedy.

The Language of Flowers with Susan Kinsolving & Marta McDowell

Explore the role flowers play in our poetry, history, and folklore. Join poet Susan Kinsolvingand scholar Marta McDowell for this reading and conversation, surrounded by the gardens at Battery Park City.

Downtown Poetry Walk: A Reading & Conversation with Fanny Howe & Ralph Lemon

Join the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's inaugural Downtown Poetry Walk and stop off at Poets House to hear a reading and conversation with poet Fanny Howe and choreographer Ralph Lemon as they discuss dance and poetry—two isolated art forms, one that relies on the body, the other on language—in relation to issues of race, class, and gender.

Walt Whitman: Poet and Printer with Lee Ann Brown

Join Poets House and the South Street Seaport Museum for a Whitmanesque extravaganza.
Hear his work and that of poets influenced by him. Try your hand at a letterpress printer like the one he used

Branching Out Milwaukee: Carl Phillips on Walt Whitman

In his talk, Carl Phillips will explore the ways in which Whitman is among the first to stake out forbidden territory (race, masculinity, morality) for American poetry and to find a form that persuasively enacts the poem's content. He will also consider the ways in which Whitman's poems continue to have a contemporary resonance and to illustrate what it has meant and continues to mean, on so many levels, to be American, for better and for worse.


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