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28th Poets House exhibition

28th Poets House exhibition

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28th Showcase Exhibition

Welcome to the 28th Poets House Showcase exhibition, our all-inclusive exhibition of the poetry books, chapbooks, broadsides, artists’ books, and multimedia works published in the U.S. and abroad in 2020 & 2021. We are presenting these in 2024 because the COVID-19 Pandemic along with major renovations at Poets House, led to a prolonged delay.

The 28th Poets House Showcase features over 2,600 books from more than 600 different presses and publishers. For nearly three decades, the Showcase has helped to keep our collection current and relevant, building one of the most extensive collections of poetry in our nation—an expansive record of the poetry of our time, freely available and open to all.

Every Showcase, Poets House invites poets and publishers to participate by donating copies of poetry titles released since the previous Showcase. This exhibit highlights poetry titles published in the second half of 2019 and those published in 2020 and 2021. Books showcased have been generously donated to us from all sectors of the poetry community. Some of the donors include independent and commercial publishers who send us their favorite titles, poets who mail or drop off signed books, and library visitors who donate their cherished copies. Every newly published book is welcomed, appreciated, and featured in the Showcase.

The Showcase is the mechanism through which we build the Poets House library: a comprehensive, inclusive collection of over 80,000 poetry works, all free and open to the public. To make it as extensive as possible, we reach out to as many poetry communities and producers as possible, bringing together poetic voices of all kinds to meet the different needs and interests of our many library patrons. We strive to reflect the vast diversity of poets across: race, gender, sexual orientation, age, faith, ability, class, citizenship, and nationality. We also welcome every kind of poetry from every type of publisher, whether it is the product of a commercial or university press, an independent press or small press, or one of the many poets who self-publish.

The exhibit is organized alphabetically by publisher, to bring attention to the unique editorial voice of each publisher and create a snapshot of this particular moment in the ever-changing landscape of American poetry publishing. It also acts as a valuable resource for poets seeking to learn how to navigate the publishing scene, allowing them to get a feel for which presses might be suitable for their own work based on each press’s authors and poetic style.

The 2024 Poets House Showcase opens to the public on April 6th,  and remains open during regular library hours until May 31st. During these nine weeks, readings will be held in celebration of the Showcase from some of the many authors whose works are featured in the exhibition.

At the close of the exhibit, Showcase titles move from Elizabeth Kray Hall upstairs into the Reed Foundation Library, where they are integrated into our ever-growing poetry collection.

The Showcase Exhibit is presented with generous support from the Battery Park City Authority, and is part of the Poetry Coalition’s slate of programs in the spring and summer that reflect the transformative impact poetry has on individual readers and communities across the nation, and is made possible in part by the Academy of American Poets with support from the Mellon Foundation..

Showcase Readings – Spring 2024

Cornelius Eady & Myra Shapiro  |  In-person  |  Saturday  |  April 6  |  4-6pm

Mei-mei Berssenbrugge & Lara Mimosa Montes  |  In-Person  |  Thursday  |  April 11  |  7-9pm

Eduardo C. Corral & Benjamin Garcia  |  In-Person  |  Thursday  |  April 25  |  7-9pm

Rosebud Ben-Oni & Megan Fernandez  |  In-person  |  Tuesday  |  May 7  |  7-9pm

Showcase Community Reading  |  In-Person  |  Saturday  |  May 18  |  2-4pm

John Keene & Pamela Sneed   |  In-person  |  Tuesday  |  May 21  |  7-9pm

Click here to view the exhibition catalog!

Submissions are closed for the 28th Showcase exhibit, but you can still send your titles to be added to the collection, or for the upcoming 29th Showcase, featuring books published in 2022 and 2023. Poets and publishers, find out how to submit your books!

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