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2018: A Tribute to John Yau

John Yau, photo by Eve Aschheim

John Yau (c) Eve Aschheim

Recorded At: Recorded On: Saturday, December 8, 2018

This evening honors John Yau, the author of thirteen books of poetry, most recently Bijoux in the Dark (2018); four books of fiction; and many monographs and books of art criticism. An influence and mentor to many poets, Yau wields visual art, film, and surrealism in his poems, speaking through “voices that reveal the multiple and shadowy selves inside the self” (2018 Jackson Poetry Prize citation). This evening is hosted by Vincent Katz and Tammy Nguyen and features readings by Anselm BerriganSergio BessaJoseph DonahueAlbert MobilioLaura Mullen, Catherine Murphy, Barry Schwabsky, Genya Turovskaya, Monica Youn, and John Yau himself. Introduction by Poets House Program Director Paolo Javier.