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Open House with Francisco Aragón & Cornelius Eady

Francisco Aragón—poet, translator, curator, and Director of Letras Latinas—discusses his most recent book, After Rubén, and his work with the University of Notre Dame Institute for Latino Studies with host Cornelius Eady.

Francisco Aragón is the son of Nicaraguan immigrants. His books include, After Rubén (2020), Glow of Our Sweat (2010), and Puerta de Sol (2005).  He’s also the editor of, The Wind Shifts: New Latino Poetry (2007). His work has appeared in over twenty anthologies. A native of San Francisco, CA, he is on the faculty of the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies, where he teaches courses in Latinx poetry and creative writing. He also directs their literary initiative, Letras Latinas. A finalist for Split This Rock’s Freedom Plow Award for poetry and activism, he has read his work widely, including at universities, bookstores, art galleries, the Dodge Poetry Festival and the Split This Rock Poetry Festival. For more information, visit: