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Constance Laibe Hays Children’s Room

Poets House is temporarily closed to the public. We look forward to seeing you once we reopen!


“…the perfect place to open little minds to the wonderful world of poetry…”
Mommy Nearest, April 20, 2016

Poets House’s annual children’s anthology is one of the most anticipated events in our calendar. Students from seven classes at local public schools PS 1, PS 89, and PS 276 spend February and March writing poems and creating art in response to a chosen theme. This year, our theme was “paths.”

Check out Virtual Tiny Poets Time, a free video series presented daily at 9am. Charles Waters performs favorite books, poems and sing-alongs to get little minds thinking and little feet moving, using rhyme and rhythm to make poetry accessible to even the youngest budding poets. Tiny Poets Time is for toddlers and young poets to enjoy the fun of language. Click the banner below to discover wonderful children’s content:

Poem in Your Pocket Day is a national initiative that aims to share the joy and community of poetry by inspiring people to read and carry a poem with them throughout the day. Traditionally, Poets House has shared printed cards, featuring children’s poems from our work with local schools, together with poems by well-known poets. This year, we invite you to print your own Poem in Your Pocket card.

Print a poem for your pocket!