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Fact-Simile: Poetry Trading Cards (2010-2014)

Fact-Simile Editions published graphically stunning Poetry Trading Cards monthly from 2010-2014.  They simulated iconic graphics & design choices from collectable sports trading cards by heavy hitter companies like Topps, Donruss, Fleer and Upper Deck from the 1980’s and 90’s. Each card features a super-star poet, making the back a tiny broadside with a poem located where the player stats are located on sports cards. In this online exhibition, we’ve paired Fact-Simile trading cards with recordings from our archives.

Fact-Simile Editions is Travis Macdonald and JenMarie Davis. They publish handmade books, trading cards, and a free literary journal annually during the summer months. They primarily use recycled and reclaimed materials. More information is available on their website.

Anne Waldman Fact-Simile Poet Trading Card frontAnne Waldman Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2010)

Anne Waldman Fact-Simile Poet Trading Card back

Audio: Anne Waldman explores the prophetic work of William Blake with musician Steven Taylor.


Eileen Myles, Fact-Simile, 2010

Eileen Myles Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2010)

Eileen Myles, Fact-Simile, 2010

Audio: Eileen Myles on Poetry and Feminism.


Harryette Mullen, Fact-Simile, 2010

Harryette Mullen Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2010)

Harryette Mullen, Fact-Simile, 2010


Jerome Rothenberg, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)Jerome Rothenberg Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2010)

Jerome Rothenberg, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)

Digitized Chapbook Link: The Gorky Poems (Poemas a Gorky) by Jerome Rothenberg

Video: Jerome Rothenberg reads a selection of poems from The Gorky Poems at Poets House in 2017.

Audio: Editor Jerome Rothenberg along with Stuart Cooke, Bob Holman, George Quasha, Ariel Resnikoff, Papa Susso, Cecilia Vicuña, and Anne Waldman celebrate the 50th anniversary edition of Technicians of the Sacred.


Charles Bernstein, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)Charles Bernstein Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)

Charles Bernstein, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)

Audio: Showcase Reading Series: Charles Bernstein, Andrea Abi-Karam, Abigail Chabitnoy & Ed Bok Lee

Joanne Kyger, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)Joanne Kyger Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)

Digitized Chapbook Link: Trip Out & Fall Back by Joanne Kyger

Video: Poet Cedar Sigo reads from Joanne Kyger’s chapbook Trip Out & Fall Back at The Poetry Project on November 6, 2017. The event, a memorial reading for Kyger, was co-hosted by Poets House. This video was created by Steven Kushner (“Kush”) of Cloud House, an audiovisual archive and cultural center devoted to American poetry.

Audio:Poet Cedar Sigo presents a new book he edited There You Are: Interviews, Journals, and Ephemera, a collection of 40 years of interviews, letters, poems, and journals from the remarkable poet Joanne Kyger (1934-2017).


Amiri Baraka, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)Amiri Baraka Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)

Amiri Baraka, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)

Audio: Blink Your Eyes: Sekou Sundiata Revisited. Moderated by Malaika AderoJane LazarreGreg TateKimiko HahnAmiri Baraka and Talvin Wilks.


Hoa Nguyen Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2012)

Hoa Nguyen, Fact-Simile Editions (2012)

Audio: 25th Anniversary Showcase Reading with Ishion Hutchinson, Hoa Nguyen, and Marie Howe.


Fanny Howe Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2012)

Fanny Howe, Fact-Simile Editions (2011)

Audio: A Tribute to Fanny Howe with Jennifer Tseng and Kazim Ali, as well as Maureen N. McLane, Rae Armantrout, Peter Gizzi, Carolyn Forché, Jeff Yang, Ben Doller, Xing “Gigi” SennaRico LeBron.


Kazim Ali Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2012)

Kazim Ali, Fact-Simile Editions (2012)

Audio: Rooms Are Never Finished: The Legacy of Agha Shahid Ali with Kazim AliRita BanerjeeAmanda GoldenShadab Zeest HashmiPatricia O’Neill, and Sejal Shah.


Ron Padgett, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Ron Padgett Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Ron Padgett, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Audio: readings by Michael BrownsteinLarry FaginAlice NotleyMaureen OwenHarris SchiffAnne Waldman, and Lewis Warsh & a panel discussion moderated by Ron Padgett.


Cecilia Vicuña , Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Cecilia Vicuña Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Cecilia Vicuña , Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Audio: Pablo Neruda: The Poetry of Resistance: Forrest Gander, translator of the lost Neruda poems, poet Idra Novey, and Chilean poet Cecilia Vicuña.


Anselm Berrigan, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Anselm Berrigan Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Anselm Berrigan, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Audio: A Tribute to John Yao: hosted by Vincent Katz and Tammy Nguyen and featuring readings by Anselm BerriganSergio BessaJoseph DonahueAlbert MobilioLaura Mullen, Catherine Murphy, Barry Schwabsky, Genya Turovskaya, Monica Youn, and John Yau.


Bernadette Mayer Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Bernadette Mayer, Fact-Simile Editions (2013)

Arthur Sze, Fact-Simile Editions (2014)

Arthur Sze Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2014)

Arthur Sze, Fact-Simile Editions (2014)

Audio: Showcase Reading Series: Asiya Wadud, Arthur Sze, Chase Berggrun & Jesús Papoleto Meléndez.


Fred Moten, Fact-Simile Editions (2014)

Fred Moten Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2014)

Fred Moten, Fact-Simile Editions (2014)

Audio: Prose Architectures: Fred Moten and Renee Gladman read to mark the opening of Gladman’s Poets House Exhibition.


Claudia Rankine Trading Card, Fact-Simile Editions (2014)

Claudia Rankine, Fact-Simile Editions (2014)

Video: Claudia Rankine wins the Betty Kray Award.

Audio: Writing the Body: Poet Kimiko Hahn considers the work of writers like Emily Dickinson, Gertrude Stein, Sylvia Plath, Lucille Clifton, Joy Harjo, and Claudia Rankine.