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Poets House Showcase Facts and FAQs

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What is the Poets House Showcase?

The only event of its kind, the annual Poets House Showcase, is a free exhibit featuring all of the new poetry books and poetry-related texts published in the United States in a single year (including volumes by individual authors, anthologies, biographies, critical studies, CDs and DVDs) from over 650 commercial, university and independent presses.

When is the Poets House Showcase?

The Poets House Showcase is on display for the month of July. We have an opening reception in the last week of June.

Which titles are eligible for inclusion in the Poets House Showcase?

Any new book, chapbook, or multimedia title published in the past year in included is the Poets House Showcase.

Are journals and zines included in the Poets House Showcase?

We do not include journals and zines in the Poets House Showcase, but please consider sending Poets House a gift subscription to your publication. The New Journals section of the library is the first section in our library. We’d love to share your publication with visitors.

When is the deadline for submission?

For 2018, all titles must be received by May 1 to be included in the exhibition. This ensures that we have sufficient time to catalog your title and included it in our print exhibition catalog.
Submission deadline extended to May 15th!

If you are unable to send books by the 15th, please reach out to Amanda Glassman at to request a special extension.

Is there any paperwork to fill out?

No paperwork is needed.

I have press material and a bio. Will you need that as well?

We need only the books, chapbooks, and multimedia to catalog the titles. There is no need to send additional promotional or press material.

Do I get an e-mail confirming that you received my book?

In 2017, we received 3,638 titles from 771 publishers and poets. Although we make every effort to confirm with publishers that we received the titles they sent, we are unable to confirm with individual poets that we received their individual titles. Please contact your publishers to ensure that they sent Poets House their most recent poetry titles.

How are the books in the exhibition arranged?

The titles are arranged alphabetically by press and the exhibition catalogue has an index by author. This is the only all-inclusive exhibition that gives visitors an opportunity to see the range of poetry publishing in the United States, underscoring the partnership roles that bring poetry to its public.

What happens to the titles after the Poets House Showcase?

In addition to being an exciting exhibition of poetry publishing, the Poets House Showcase is also Poets House’s main collection-development tool. In August, the titles we receive for the Poets House Showcase are moved upstairs to the main collection of and we begin again to collect titles for the next Poets House Showcase.

Whom do I contact with any additional questions?

Email Director of Library and Outreach Services Reginald Harris with any additional questions:

How can I get included in the collection?

Each title in our collection was donated by a publisher, poet, or poetry reader. If you’d like to donate a copy of your book, chapbook, or multimedia title, mail a copy to Poets House, Attn: Amanda Glassman, 10 River Terrace, New York NY 10282.

If your title was published in the past year, please send one (1) copy so that we can include it in our Poets House Showcase.

How many books have you received through the Showcase?

Since its inception in 1992, the annual Poets House Showcase has blossomed both in terms of the number of texts it displays and the rich diversity of publishers it represents.

• 1993: 823 books were showcased
• 1994: 1,204 books showcased, representing 382 publishers
• 1995: 1,300 books showcased, representing 404 publishers
• 1996: 1,127 books showcased, representing 463 publishers
• 1998: 1,250 books showcased, representing 518 publishers
• 1999: 1,209 books showcased, representing 466 publishers
• 2000: 1,320 books showcased, representing 488 publishers
• 2001: 1,329 books showcased, representing 493 publishers
• 2002: 1,294 books showcased, representing 386 publishers
• 2003: 1,750 books showcased, representing 536 publishers
• 2004: 2,105 books showcased, representing 572 publishers
• 2005: 2,135 books showcased, representing 613 publishers
• 2006: 2,060 books showcased, representing 639 publishers
• 2007: 2,162 books showcased, representing 632 publishers
• 2008: 2,128 books showcased, representing 622 publishers
• 2009: 2,191 books showcased, representing 787 publishers
• 2010: 2,176 books showcased, representing 649 publishers
• 2011: 2,458 books showcased, representing 767 publishers
• 2012: 2,791 books showcased, representing 892 publishers
• 2013: 2,913 books showcased, representing 719 publishers
• 2014: 3,013 books showcased, representing 742 publishers
• 2015: 3,042 books showcased, representing 737 publishers
• 2016: 3,049 books showcased, representing 772 publishers
• 2017: 3,638 books showcased, representing 771 publishers