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Poetry Path: Brenda Hillman

Brenda Hillman

Brenda Hillman, from "Species Prepare to Exist After Money"

Brenda Hillman was born in 1951 in Tucson, Arizona. She has authored over ten volumes of poetry, winning an array of awards, including the Guggenheim Fellowship and a Pushcart Prize. In 2016, Hillman was elected to be Chancellor of the Academy of American Poets. Her most recent work is Extra Hidden Life, among the Days (Wesleyan University Press, 2018), which has won praise for its celebration of resistance.

Brenda Hillman, from "Species Prepare to Exist After Money" Photo By Daniel Terna

Photo by Daniel Terna

Brenda Hillman, excerpt from “Species Prepare to Exist After Money” from Extra Hidden Life, among the Days. Copyright © 2018 by Brenda Hillman. Published by Wesleyan University Press and reprinted by permission.

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