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Poetry Trading Cards Paired with Audio Recordings: A New Online Exhibition

Welcome to Poets House’s new online exhibition, Fact-Simile: Poetry Trading Cards! These poetry trading cards from Fact-Simile have been a favorite of the Poets House staff over the years, and they continue to hold a special place in our collective heart. Simulating the graphics of traditional baseball trading cards, each features a snapshot of a hero of poetry on one side, with a poem on the other. To add to the poetry fandom, we’ve paired the trading cards with recordings from our archives. We invite you to pore through the ones in our online exhibition and to hear the voices of the poets, culled from recorded readings and talks at Poets House.

Fact-Simile has made a name for themselves as a thoughtful, inventive creator of playful poetry objects. We are grateful for their work and for all the poetry presses who continue to keep the art in print. Stay tuned for more online initiatives!


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