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J. Mae Barizo

After Richard Serra / Torqued Ellipse IV

A kinesthetic equivalent for truancy. In this manner he
will forget the motes in air, the way the woman smelled,
physical sense of a being’s downward trajectory.
Memory as weight of a city between museum walls.
That or the semblance of something sadder than. Write
not of voyage. Drive through catalpa forests with their
clusters of trumpet blooms. Expect nothing of me.


Born in Toronto, J. Mae Barizo is a poet and cultural critic. Her work appears or is forthcoming in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Boston Review, Hyperallergic, Paris Review Online, Denver Quarterly, among others. A classically-trained musician and a champion of cross-genre work, J. Mae has performed sound/text collaborations with musicians from The National, Bon Iver, and the American String Quartet. Her first book, The Cumulus Effect, is forthcoming.


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