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Jessica Rae Elsaesser

Good Luck

The rabbits foot
hooked to her key chain,
never seemed to be
a severed part,
from something
born to darting,
burrows, coupling and
redoubling and dark.
The brass ring dulls
the white fur wears
tiny bones begin to show,
that luck was nothing,
a shivering animal.
Until we caught it,
how fast it ran.


Jessica Rae Elsaesser is a poet and book artist. Her work has been published in the Center for Book Arts’ Broadside Poetry Series, Esopus, and Moonshot. She is co-founder of A Wrecked Tangle Press, specializing in limited edition artist’s books, which can be found in the collections of Swarthmore College, Baylor University, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and The Massachusetts College of Art and Design, among others.


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