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Purvi Shah

    Mira unfurls her hair into a bell when – from this ringing – mirror emerges

        Such dark lip of the beloved

                            in swirl of untangled



            Here, a mirror’s black

                            spark, shine

                        of obsidian

unspooled from earth’s

             innermost core.

          Your heart too

                                                   bore origin here. Shaken,

                                                                  see a mantle


or hundred clappers thrumming heart’s desires –

             in heat your fingers clamoring skirt of fires.

In each thumb’s stroke, streams of sounds                                  erupt, bringing

not burn but truth’s divinations. Delight:

             not left & right of tresses shorn & swept

                                      but herald pasts &

      horizons/futures &

            promisings. Listen

to the peal of bloom in your mouth.

                                                                                 In either clang

                                                                 or clatter/sojourn

                                                   or quest, you land

at nape of neck, cupping this struck spilling

            into your trembling hands, arcing your lips

                        into the darkest fountain, finding here trill

            & original light, finding here

that which first brought you – your own sight.
Purvi Shah’s debut poetry book, Terrain Tracks, published by New Rivers Press in 2006, was nominated for the 2007 Asian American Writers’ Workshop Members’ Choice Award. Her work has been published in numerous journals and anthologies including Descant, Drunken Boat, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Indivisible, The Massachusetts Review, and Nimrod. She works as a non-profit consultant and contributes to the Huffington Post.

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