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Sarah Passino

excerpt from Some Words From 40-Some Days Before the Eclipse Translating Lorca’s
Danza de la Muerte By Writing It In Rice Flour Around 40 Wall Street Like A Crab Or Like a Whale But For Sure For the Ants & For Sure For a Sum of the _Waste_

thirtieth day

wall street is empty & busy & i mostly mean
all the buildings are empty all the people busy
but i also mean

i draw the empty jp morgan building on one half
of a page & the ds full front porch on the other
write underneath value scratch out value write

speculate scratch out speculate file under close reading
someday next to boom bust i sit across from bomb-marks
morgan left up for show read matt longabucco

look up names of winds from here & none are there
its so windy today & we have no name for this wind
my pages catch like kites snap & sure metaphors dead

but by the looks of things its busy too like this whole street
right like is this a map of the thing to hold the thing
that moves through here but cant stay here M tells me

CMC & right its gotta move right but nobodys buying
so whats that mean whats that mean when nobody spends
just invest divest invest my pages catch snap & if it is true

abstraction maps whats historically unseeable then plz
tell that to this beautiful woman selling PO boxes
at at 99 wall street in this wind


Sarah Passino‘s work has most recently appeared in Broome Street Review, Poetry Daily, and Underwater New York and was awarded the Rachel Wetzsteon Poetry Prize for the 92nd Street Y. She has poems forthcoming in DIAGRAM, the Ritual and Capital anthology co-produced by Bard Graduate Center and Wendy’s Subway, and Boston Review. She is on instagram @Small Takes and writes occasional tiny letters here.


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