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Stephen Boyer

#Uploadingnature Poem 4

For a moment gravity failed and many animals, plants and earthly objects fell from the planets surface
and their bodies spread apart into the sky to create the constellations.

The stillness of the forest has been forgotten: walking along a river in hushed conversation with a lover is
no longer valued
        instead everyone wants to connect to everyone

While walking along the freeway
I yell out to the terse drivers
inching forward, isolated, eyes fixated on the bumper of the car infront of them, jaws flapping as they
scream into their earphones
I'm struggling to know with whom they're communicating

What is so important
        to forgo the present moment?

Sit at the computer and claw at the keyboard
Bang head against the enter cursor
Lick OKCupid images
Pour vodka over facebook invites
        The party is in the "whose going" feed
        Obviously we've all gone.


Stephen Boyer is the author of Parasite (2013), Ghosts (2010), and was a lead compiler of the Occupy Wall Street Poetry Anthology. Currently they’re diligently working on a series of nature-related poems. Their work can be found online, in many zines and an assortment of publications.


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