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Profile Type: Emerging Poets Residency

zakia henderson-brown

We Make Ourselves Confetti

Background of blustered whinnies: The loveliest organ syncs strewn

The length of the house to seafoam; Twenty eyes attempting incense…


Nicole Shanté


dating while queer/ in bedroom and in classroom. dating while black/ in skin color and in soul/ in America and in rage/ in and out…


Noel Quiñones


White owned stoops will say       my grandmother begged for saliva from a thousand pores,      nurtured a transcontinental migration at 8 years old;      they will call 134th…


José Olivarez

(citizen) (illegal)

Mexican woman (illegal) and Mexican man (illegal) have a Mexican (illegal)-American (citizen). Is the baby more Mexican or American? Place the baby in the…


Cynthia Manick

When You Learn to Be a Lady

On summer mornings you crave— blackened foot heels and backyard lakes, water shrinking barrettes to an almost-paradise crown of…


Anne Lai

Untitled (for A.C.)

earnestly, you rest your head in golden wildfire, searching for a word unpronounced one to burn off silver numb err tongues…


Rico Frederick

stormy song, to drown the rattle

someone get the scotch tape / A boy is leaking / all over the floor / over the pavement /…


Alex Cuff

The title of this poem is the Virginia Statute of 1691 states that whosoever English or other white man or woman, bond or free, shall intermarry with a…


Chia-Lun Chang

The Milky Way

What should you be called?

why don’t you date americans. black doesn’t count. how much rent do you pay. do you…


Emily Brandt

Mind Map

To start this is to fail immediately and yet to persist. Steam from black tea rises as if no time has passed as if…