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Hard Hat Reading: Joseph Stanton

Poet and art history professor Joseph Stanton reads “Rain at Night” from Rain in the Trees by W.S. Merwin, then his own poem “The Last Kauaʻi ʻōʻō” from Prevailing Winds.

Check out Joseph’s Sep 30 Workshop, Nature Poetry!

Joseph Stanton’s eight books of poems are Lifelines: Poems for Winslow Homer and Edward Hopper (2023), Prevailing Winds (2022), Moving Pictures (2019), Things Seen (2016), A Field Guide to the Wildlife of Suburban Oahu (2006), Cardinal Points (2002), Imaginary Museum: Poems on Art (1999), and What the Kite Thinks: A Linked Poem. For his poetry, Stanton has received a Tony Quagliano International Poetry Award and an Ekphrasis prize.